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    Creative. Inspired. Innovative.

    Russo Strategies, LLC is a full-service consulting firm. We provide communications and advocacy expertise to our clients.

  • What We Do


    Media affairs and public relations services that align your mission and message for maximum results. We excel in strategic planning, message development, crisis communications, media training, and every aspect of content creation - from your talking points to your tweets.

    Digital Strategy

    More than just websites - we know how to engage your supporters online in every way. From user-friendly website strategy to email marketing, online advertising, social media campaign development and everything in between, we helped pioneer this field.


    Flawless execution with attention to detail from start to finish make any size event into an experience. From press conferences to political rallies, fundraising receptions to training events, we know how to build, inspire and manage a crowd.

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    Tracy Russo, Principal


    Tracy Russo is the founder of Russo Strategies, LLC, a political consulting firm that specializes in communications and digital advocacy for political, nonprofit and government clients.


    Russo previously served as part of the Obama Administration as a spokesperson and the Director of New Media at the United States Department of Justice. She specialized in department-wide digital strategy and led the agency’s open government policy and technology initiatives.


    Tracy has more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of politics and technology. She is well known for her ability to integrate digital strategy with all aspects of a traditional organization. She has worked with prominent non-profit organizations and major foundations including the Center for American Progress, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, NARAL Pro-Choice America, UltraViolet, MoveOn.org and many others.


    During the 2008 presidential primary, she served as the Deputy Director of Online Communications for the Edwards campaign. In 2006, Russo also worked with at the Democratic National Committee where she specialized in online outreach and engagement.


    Russo has trained thousands of individuals at home and abroad in the best practices of online engagement in partnership with a variety of organizations, including the DNC, DLCC, EMILY's List, Campaigns and Elections Magazine, the New Organizing Institute, and George Washington University. She has been a featured speaker at the Center for American Progress' Internet Advocacy Roundtable, the Personal Democracy Forum, the Netroots Nation Convention, and the Take Back America Conference.


    Russo is also the founder of WIPT, Women in Politics and Technology, an all women, member-driven organization that seeks to connect women working at the crossroads of politics and technology, provide support and resources to women in these industries and, encourage more women, especially young women, to enter the fields of politics and technology.



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    We're always available by email at info@russostrategies.com

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